Our Newest Lifetime Member

I am happy to announce that Bill McKnight was honored at the January meeting as the REAA Sacramento Chapter's newest Lifetime Member in recognition for his service to the chapter, the REAA organization, and the Sacramento Real Estate community. Thanks Bill.

Bill with his better half

Upcoming Schedule

February Lori Reische and Carolyn Garnett, reviewers from American Pacific Mortgage, will present "Unwinding the Appraisal" with tips on how to improve your appraisal quality and how to simplify interacting with lenders and AMCs.

We plan to bring in Mark Lindsay and Penny Woods from our other chapters to teach Qualitative Analysis and Litigation, respectively. LIA has a new class that we want to host. Also, we hope to present a class on Accessory Dwelling Units.

We plan to bring in two reviewers to give us insights into review work. I'll have a class focusing on time adjustments that will tie into Ryan Lundquist's Telling the Story of Value 2. September will be our round table, this time focusing on real estate transactions (lender, listing agent, title, etc.). In October I'll take another crack at teaching MS Excel Pivot Tables and other useful Excel Tricks.
Later in the year, we want to bring in state and national experts to get us up to speed with appraisal regulations on the state and national level. At some point we will bring in Andy Anderson, the national expert, to teach his eight hour class on manufactured homes.
I think it's a good mix of classes, with some focused on skills, some focused on expanding your business, and some for how to keep out of trouble. Hope to see you soon.
Joe Lynch
REAA Sacramento Chapter President