Southern California Victor Valley Chapter

Leadership Board 2020


Van Wolslagel, President

  Van has been a California guy all his life being raised in what he calls the “OC” next to the beach which allowed him to surf, work, attend college in @ Fullerton and @ Biola Univ. with a short break for the Vietnam war from 1968-1971. After I left the Army, a friend introduced me to real estate. My first Real Estate job included Sales, Appraising, Loan Application, Escrow management and HUD REO control officer all in one while making a whopping $800-$1000 mo. And even having money left over for my wife and I to move to the San Bernardino Inland valley. I left Sales, Loans and Escrow, but I never left appraising as I really new I fit well into the valuation side of real estate, learning new markets and areas, back then it was a regular thing for one day to be in San diego, the next in Los  Angeles, and even a week end jaunt to the East Bay San Francisco area and turn times, 1-6 weeks depending on the work load and no one called to ask “where's my appraisal?"
  Van has owned and operated his appraisal and home inspection business over 40 years and am still looking forward to each day doing the same. Being involved in the REAA allows me to interact with persons in my same field of endeavor enabling myself and other members to exchange appraisal, ideas and challenges through a one to one or group interaction that I can't really get without the membership.


Pat Jacobs, Treasurer

  Pat was born in Glendale CA; grew up in Pasadena, CA; went to college in Pomona, CA & graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food & Nutrition & minor in history; Â married on George AFB; raised 2 kids in the Victor Valley while working as a clerk for Western Office Products, Inc. until retirement in 1988; She did substitute teaching for 3-4 years while my husband was establishing Champion Research Appraisal in the early 1990s.  Pat joined her husband Paul and two other founding members in doing appraisal work all over Southern CA. This continued until the late 1990s, when Champion Research Appraisal dissolved. Pat and Paul went their own way and developed a specialty known as: “ the weirdly wonderful appraisal”.  Assignments others won’t do because of the time and thought they take too complete.


 Michael Shirley, Vice President and Web Admin

  Mike has been trained and mentored by Two Generations of Appraisers beginning in 1993.  He is a California State Certified Real Estate Appraiser both FHA and Fannie Mae approved.  Over 25 years of Residential Real Estate appraiser experience. Mike has been part of the leadership board for five years.


Jannette Smith, Secretary