REAA Sacramento Board of Directors

Founded 2009


From left: Xavier Escareno, Ken Hunsinger, Bill McKnight, Joe Lynch, Bob Campbell, Andrea Silva, Marla, Smotherman, Brian Melsheimer, Rob Perez, Jeff Hall, Gary Muma 
Not Photoed: Ryan Lundquist, Alexis Grey

2021 Officers

Rob Perez
(916) 780-5959

Rob has been involved in the appraisal industry since 1998. He began his career as an appraisal assistant while he was in college working towards his business degree. When he moved to California after graduation, he went to work with his computer networking knowledge for a startup appraisal company that grew nationwide. He serves his fellow appraisal colleagues on the corporate board for the Real Estate Appraiser Association as Treasurer. He welcomes opportunities to speak on residential appraisal topics. Personally, he has served his community through involvement in local volunteer groups.

Brian Melsheimer
Vice President
(530) 632-3428

Brian is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser and owner of Sierra Nevada Appraisal Group in Grass Valley, CA.  He attended Sonoma State University, earning a B.S. degree in Economics with an emphasis in Microeconomics and Econometrics.  Brian began as an appraisal trainee in 2003, becoming licensed in 2005.  His passion and knack for the business grew and he worked his way to a Certified Residential Appraisal License in 2006.  He became FHA Certified in 2008 and obtained a position on the VA Appraisal panel in 2016.  When he's not appraising, Brian enjoys backpacking, hiking, woodworking, and spending time with his family and golden retriever, Pliny.


Ryan Lundquist

Ryan has been appraising full-time since 2003 and his clients include home owners, real estate agents, governmental agencies, attorneys, and lenders. Ryan handles appraisals for estate settlement, divorce, pre-listing, loans and other types of private matters. 

Ryan speaks monthly in real estate offices to share what the real estate market is doing as well as teaches appraisal-related classes. Ryan was the chair of the Housing Opportunity Committee in 2016 and  currently sits on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee through the Sacramento Association of Realtors.  Ryan was awarded the Affiliate of the Year in 2014 from the Sacramento Association of Realtors, was given the Citizen of the Year award by Rancho Cordova Rotary in 2008, and the Distinguished Service to Youth award by the Cordova Community Council in 2009.

Beyond work, Ryan's passions include woodworking and family.

Xavier Escareno
(916) 425-2073

Xavier is a certified appraiser who was born in Woodland and grew up in St Helena. The wine business didn’t interest him and after college he enlisted in the Air Force where he spent six years. He has been appraising for 16 years. He enjoys woodworking, golf and family time. He loves to travel and visits Mexico and Hawaii as often as possible.


Board of Directors

  Email Work # Website
Bob Campbell (916) 989-3144  
Len Fishman (916) 805-9000  
Lola Gomes (916) 595-2012  
Jeffrey Hall (530) 432-6370  
Ken Hunsinger (916) 482-1110
Vicki Keeler (916) 988-9442  
Ryan Lundquist (916) 595-3735
Joe Lynch (530) 304-8471
Bill McKnight (916) 743-7085
Amy Parker (916) 769-9172
Marla Smotherman (916) 719-9891  

Committees & Chairpersons

Budget Committee

Chairperson: Xavier Escareno

Members: Rob Perez, Joe Lynch

Corporate Relations Committee

Chairperson: Joe Lynch

Members: Rob Perez, Brian Melsheimer

Education & Programs Committee

Chairperson: Bill McKnight

Members: Sacramento Chapter Board Members

Facilities and Reservations

Chairperson: Lola Gomes

Members: Marla Smotherman, Joe Lynch

Marketing and Benefits

Chairperson: Brian Melsheimer

Members: Len Fishman, Ryan Lundquist, Jeff Hall

Member Relations

Chairperson: Marla Smotherman

Members:Amy Parker, Lola Gomes, Vicki Keeler

Membership and Elections

Chairperson: Lola Gomez

Members: Bob Campbell, Amy Parker, Jeff Hall, Xavier Escareno

Political Action Committee

Chairperson: Bill McKnight

Members: Ken Hunsinger, Joe Lynch

Strategic Planning

Chairperson: Rob Perez

Members: Bill McKnight, Rob Perez, Joe Lynch, Brian Melsheimer, Len Fishman

Web Site and Eventbrite Committee

Chairperson: Brian Melsheimer

Members: Xavier Escareno, Joe Lynch


Glen, Rob, Bill and Xavier after a board meeting

Group at House of Oliver, December Strategy Planning Meeting


              Rob and Xavier                                                   Brian, Bob and Ryan


Joe, Bill and Alexis                                                  Bill, Bob and Joe


                      Rob being Rob